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Cayetana G.

Barcelona's Graffiti History with a street Art Expert

Guided by Cayetana G.


Unveil the hidden street art in Barcelona

Hosted by art lover

Barcelona's history from its street art

100% private

Explore Barcelona with a friendly local

Get local tips

About this activity
It may sound impossible, but it's we're able to see the evolution of Barcelona through its graffiti. Honestly.

That's right! Because there has always been graffiti. And here, we have evidence from the time of the medieval city of Barchinona. The graffiti give us little clues to know about the society and political circumstances of the times, or maybe they are just the signature of common people. Let's find out...

With this Barcelona walking tour, you'll find some examples of these signs from different eras in Barcelona.

Recommendation: Take your camera, you won't be able to stop shooting!
Languages the local speaks
Spanish, Catalan, English
No. of participants
2 - 25 People
The price includes
Graffiti Walking tour in Ciutat Vella
Ideal for...
Everyone! History and graffiti fans
The itinerary may change depending on the new graffitis. There will always be permanent stops like the Hospital de la Santa Creu, Petritxol street or Santa Llucia.
Meeting Point
Plaça Nova, in front of the letters BARCINO (next to the Cathedral)
Cayetana G.

Cayetana G.

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  • I speak Spanish, Catalan, English, French
My name is Cayetana, but everybody knows me as Tana. I am a historian, archaeologist and I'm woking in cultural heritage management and tourism.
I love Barcelona, walking around it, learning all its stories and secrets and show you everything I know about this precious city.
I like the history and I love showing it, and guided tours are a great experience.

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Reviews about Cayetana G.

June 2016
Barcelona's Graffiti History with a street Art Expert
Cayetana was a terrific host and we loved her tour of Barcelona! She brings so much knowledge and experience and a careful eye to the city's street art, and our whole trip to Barcelona was richer for it.
May 2016
Barcelona's Graffiti History with a street Art Expert
The tour was really interesting . Cayatana introduce her tour with a bit of background on Barcelona.
She managed to keep our kids intrested throughout and really spent time explaining the symbol of the artists. Great experience !
May 2016
Barcelona's Graffiti History with a street Art Expert
Cayetana tells you a story about Barcelona through the images on its walls. It is a completely different view of the city and in many cases much more personal than what a guidebook will tell you. She is very friendly and personable and has an obvious passion for this art. This tour will give you a new perspective on what you see on this city's walls.
June 2016
Barcelona's Graffiti History with a street Art Expert
Danke für die Perspektivwechsel und Blickfelderweiterung.
Mit Cayetana auf die Graffiti-Entdeckungstour zu gehen, ist ein Erlebnis der besonderen Art. Nicht nur, dass die Kunsthistorikerin, die Geschichte Barcelonas kurz und knackig vermitteln kann, sie hat auch die Gabe die Alltagsgeschichten einzuflechten.
Mit ihr durch die Stadt zu gehen und die lokalen Street-Art-Künstler zu entdecken und an manchen Stellen auch zu entschlüsseln, ist eine Wucht. Nach der Tour haben wir unser Blickfeld erweitert, um nachzusehen, was wer wie kommentiert hat.
Beeindruckt haben uns die Street Art Geschichten rund um Gewalterfahrungen, das Plädoyer von Keith Haring oder der Witz mit dem zeitgenössisches kommentiert wird.
Eine rund um gelungene Tour.
May 2016
Barcelona's Graffiti History with a street Art Expert
Nous avons passé un très bon moment avec Cayetana qui est très sympathique et souriante! Nous avons decouvert les ruelles de Barcelone sous un nouvel angle et de façon original!
April 2016
Barcelona's Graffiti History with a street Art Expert
Bonjour, super ballade, je pensais "graffitis" et j'ai découvert le "street art", on ne regarde plus une ville de la même façon, je ne connaissais pas du tout, j'ai choisi en pensant à mes ados, très belle découverte, Cayetana a été formidable, nous a expliqué plein de choses très intéressantes et même plus...je suis ravie et recommande cette activité


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