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Joan F.

Gothic District Tour with a Personal Photographer

Guided by Joan F.

About this activity
I'm a professional photographer and I love taking pictures of my beautiful home-city, Barcelona! Join me for a relaxed walking tour of the most historic and charismatic part of central Barcelona, the Gothic Quarter. A place with lots of history, medieval buildings, little narrow streets, squares, churches. It's the perfect backdrop for beautiful personal photographs. Whilst we walk, share stories and anecdotes about the city, I'll be taking pictures of you, creating the perfect souvenirs. We'll see the most interesting (and secret places) as well as the major landmarks of the Gothic District. Once you get home, you'll have all the images (professionally edited) sent digitally so you can make your friends & family jealous!
Languages the local speaks
Spanish, Catalan, English
No. of participants
2 - 8 People
The price includes
A unique photography session in some of the most charming places of the Gothic Quarter. (Duration: 1.5 hours.) * Children should pay as an adult
Ideal for...
All ages, couples, families and groups of friends
Walking the Gothic District, past the Cathedral, major squares, roman ruins and hidden side-streets.
Meeting Point
C/Baixada Caçador 2. Barri Gòtic, Barcelona
Joan F.

Joan F.

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  • I speak Spanish, Catalan, English, German
Joan Figueras has a degree in English and Journalism. He's specialized in Photography and video. His trips to five continents have shaped his passion in image. Joan was born 32 years ago in Tarragona, and after spending childhood and adolescence in this city on the Catalan coast, English and journalism studies led him to live in various parts of Spain, Germany, Mexico and Argentina. He has also worked in various hotels, airports and media.

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Reviews about Joan F.

Alisia V.
February 2016
Gothic District Tour with a Personal Photographer
We had a great time with Joan ! Joan was a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic local. He told us a lot about the gothic district and took really nice pictures of us. He made sure we felt comfortable during the tour.
Chelsey G.
September 2015
Gothic District Tour with a Personal Photographer
Cannot say enough GREAT things about this tour. Joan is one of a kind and you do not want to miss this tour!

Simply Amazing.
July 2015
Gothic District Tour with a Personal Photographer
Me and my daughter spend a great time with Joan. He is very professionally photographer and a nice person. He makes us fell very comfortable during a "shooting tour" and we have had a lots of fun. I also appreciate his historical knowledge what he was telling us at every spots we visited. The pictures he send within 2 days and a result is pretty good! They are really good technical and professional quality
and we love every single picture! Thank you Joan :-)
May 2015
Gothic District Tour with a Personal Photographer
Pasamos un rato muy ameno y lleno de sorpresas en el barrio gótico con la guia y profesionalismo de Joan, muy bonitas fotos familiares es el mejor recuerdo que te puedes llevar. Recomendable
Flor C.
October 2014
Gothic District Tour with a Personal Photographer
He recibido las fotos y son super profesionales, y lo principal es que en casi todas estamos mi esposo y yo. Estoy feliz con mis fotos. Paseando por el Barrio Gotico con Joan, que nos tomaba las fotos, e iba contándonos la historia del lugar, lo hizo mucho mas entretenido. Recomendable al 100%.
October 2014
Gothic District Tour with a Personal Photographer
La ruta con Joan nos ha encantado y nos hizo sentir muy comodos. Se nota que a Joan le enamora su barrio y la fotografía. Recomendamos la actividad sin dudarlo.


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