Aquatic Gymkana

Aquatic Gymkana

Guided by Fernando A.

About this activity
Bring your friends and join us in this aquatic activity! Play the role of a true explorer in nature by sailing aboard our kayaks, using maps and compasses to arrive to your destination. We will sail across the Pantano del Regajo, where we will find many activities such as archery, "web spider", multiesquis, "pulling rope" or slinga.

Languages the local speaks
Spanish, English
No. of participants
4 - 10 People
The price includes
All materials needed for the activity.
Ideal for...
Adventurers over 18 years.
Our meeting point will be the Pantano del Regajo in Navajas. From there we will go to the place where we will begin our activity.
Meeting Point
Pantano del Regajo, Navajas

Fernando A.

  • 13 Activities
  • I speak Spanish, English

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