Aquatic speleology in Cueva del Toro

Aquatic speleology in Cueva del Toro

Guided by Fernando A.

About this activity
Travel with us to the center of the earth and have a great time with your friends and family enjoying this aquatic cave!
We will be like authentic explorers, discovering places under the depths of the earth where you can see amazing formations, a mix of adventure, science and sport.
Discover with us the underground passageway, stalactites, stalagmites.. Thousands of adventures await us underground!
Languages the local speaks
Spanish, English
No. of participants
4 - 10 People
The price includes
Qualified guides and instructors, all necessary materials, activity photos, accident insurance, liability insurance
Ideal for...
Adventurers over 18 years, or children accompanied by an adult.
The meeting point will be in the Tururac office in Navajas (Camping Altomira) or in Pico Espadan restaurant (Alcudia de Veo).
Meeting Point
Alcudia de Veo

Fernando A.

  • 13 Activities
  • I speak Spanish, English

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