Boheme Montmartre tour with young history nerd
Caroline T.

Boheme Montmartre tour with young history nerd

Guided by Caroline T.


Moulin Rouge & Sacré Coeur


About this activity
Montmartre is probably one of the most famous scene in Paris, very romantic and full of history. No surprises that many famous artists such as Picasso, Edith Piaf or Renoir decided to make this village their home.

I will of course show you the landmark monuments there (Moulin Rouge, Basilique du Sacré Coeur etc) but then I will walk you around in more genuine and smaller streets, a couple minutes away from the touristic attractions, so you get to see the remnants of the old Montmartre atmosphere, with its excentric, festive and free-spirit village vibes.

We can also end the tour grabbing a beer or a glass of wine in one of my favorite places (optional). I cannot wait to climb those stairs in your company and answer all your questions ! (after 1 minute of breathing, if while climbing).
Languages the local speaks
Spanish, English, French, Italian
No. of participants
1 - 4 People
The price includes
The awesome tour and water bottles
Prepare your legs, we'll climb some stairs together ! But I promise it is very worth it. We'll start and end the tour at the same Metro stop (Blanche) and in between I'll walk you all around the neighborhood.
Meeting Point
Metro Blanche - Lign 2
Caroline T.

Caroline T.

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  • I speak Spanish, English, French, Italian
Hey ! I'm a 21 years old law student in the old La Sorbonne University. I love both travelling and my city, which is why I would be delighted to show you Paris around and tell you as many stories as you want about any monument, street, restaurant or historical events.

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