Buggies route
Buggies route

Buggies route

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About this activity
Have you ever driven a buggy? Now you have the opportunity to do so in a unique environment through some routes as do according to your level. With the vines background you can enjoy driving this car so fun and unique.

Family, friends ... This activity is perfect to share in good company, even the little ones (and companions).
Languages the local speaks
Spanish, English, Portuguese
No. of participants
1 - 8 People
The price includes
incluye ruta, monitor guía acompañante, permisos, seguro RC.
El recorrido comienza en las instalaciones de Cabalburr, pasaremos entre viñedos, veremos el castillo de Villalba y el convento de Montevirgen y, finalmente, regreso al punto de partida
Meeting Point
Aceuchal(Badajoz) Instalaciones de Cabalburr, camino de las alberquitas.

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