Coasting in Denia

Coasting in Denia

Guided by Fernando A.

About this activity
If you like thrills and challenges, we suggest you to try with us this new adventure, practiced exclusively on the coast where the tides, waves and geographical features will be our land.
This is an exclusive activity you can only perform with us!
It is a tour across cliffs where we have a set of activities such as water jumps from different heights, swim among the rocks watching the small fishes, visits to sea caves .. Come and share with us this fun summer activity where you will feel free!
Languages the local speaks
Spanish, English
No. of participants
4 - 15 People
The price includes
Guides/instructors qualified, all necessary materials (helmet, diving goggles, life vest, neoprene..) activity photos, accident insurance, liability insurance of Tururac SL company.
Ideal for...
Adventurers over 18 years.
The meeting point will be the parking of Mena restaurant, las Rotas. From there we will go to the place where we will start the activity.
Meeting Point
Denia, Alicante

Fernando A.

  • 13 Activities
  • I speak Spanish, English

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