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Cook your first Paella with Me! - Paella Barcelona
Cook your first Paella with Me! - Paella Barcelona
Cook your first Paella with Me! - Paella Barcelona
Cook your first Paella with Me! - Paella Barcelona
Sonia P.

Cook your first Paella with Me! - Paella Barcelona

Guided by Sonia P.

About this activity
Paella is probably the greatest symbol of Spanish Food Culture. Yes, we can all enjoy it, but do you want to learn how to prepare it? I will show you all the secrets so that you may impress your friends as you prepare delicious paella once you get back home! You will cook your own paella with my secret recipe and personalized instructions. I can promise that you will also have a great time while you learn and cook with me! The activity will last two hours and a half and it includes cooking time together, lunch, a glass of wine and a delicious Catalan Cream as a dessert.
Meeting point will be on Ferrer de Blanes 6 street, where I have my special cooking space to prepare our paellas.
Languages the local speaks
Spanish, Catalan, English, Italian
No. of participants
2 - 10 People
The price includes
Includes 2 hours and a half class, required ingredients to prepare paella, a bottle of wine, water, and Catalan cream. *Please contact me to decide when to do the activity, I prefere to do it during the morning what do you prefere?
Ideal for...
For Everyone! Families, Couples, foodies, kids! Everybody is welcome!
The activity will take place in my Cooking Space and will last 2.5 hours.
Meeting Point
Ferrer de Blanes 6 Street, Barcelona
Sonia P.

Sonia P.

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Reviews about Sonia P.

December 2016
Cook the secrets of the Mediterranean Diet
Sonia is a perfect host and made us feel very welcome. She passed on much of her knowledge on Catalan food and tradition, and allowed us to help her prepare some superb dishes. We particularly enjoyed a dish containing hake and prawns which was absolutely delicious. We cannot recommend enough the experience, and we'll be sure to visit Sonia again on our next visit to Barcelona.
September 2016
Market tour and tapas making
I really enjoyed Sonia. She was warm, personable and knowledgable. I enjoyed the food she made for us and she catered to my particular restrictions. She made many types of tapas and all were good
Jane O.
June 2016
Hands-on Tapas creation with an expert
We had a wonderful tapas cooking experience with Sonia. The food was delicious and our whole family participated in the cooking process. She even passed on the recipes so we can bring a little Barcelona home with us! We highly recommend any cooking experience with Sonia!
June 2015
Cook your first Paella with Me! - Paella Barcelona
La verdad es que mi experiencia en cocina fue una maravilla, fue una combinación de buena gastronomía, diversión a lo grande y en muy buena compañía,... Os lo recomiendo ya sea para cenar, picar, pasar un rato estupendo o celebrar cualquier acontecimiento :) Ahh y por cierto el lugar es muy acogedor !!! Súper recomendada!!
June 2015
Hunting Season! Cooking Class: Delicious Boar Stew
El otro día organizamos con un grupo de amigos un plan diferente y por grupos cocinamos unos para después poder comerlo todos juntos! Una experiencia divertidisíma que recomiendo a todo el mundo que quiera probar un plan diferente! Un 10!!! :)
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