Dublin & Guiness Historic Tour:  Myths and Facts
Dublin & Guiness Historic Tour:  Myths and Facts
Dublin & Guiness Historic Tour:  Myths and Facts
Garvan R.

Dublin & Guiness Historic Tour: Myths and Facts

Guided by Garvan R.

About this activity
Join me as we travel back to the year 1911; the city is alive with shoeless newspaper boys, screeching rusty wheels, determined street performers and balladeers. We will travel the streets and travel through time as I show you the history of Dublin that's as dark as a Guinness beer itself! Learn about The myths and facts of Guinness, the rebellions and the loyalists, and many more fascinating stories .
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No. of participants
1 - 20 People
The price includes
Private Tour guide
Join me on my way to work from St. Patrick's Cathedral, through the Liberties, to the brewery itself. I will retell the rich past of Dublin that you never knew existed. Welcome to auld Dublin!
Meeting Point
Starts at St. Patrick’s Cathedral (entrance to park, Patrick St)
Garvan R.

Garvan R.

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  • I speak English, French
I am energetic and enthusiastic, professional but personal, and most importantly, knowledgeable and entertaining.

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Reviews about Garvan R.

Edith M.
March 2016
The Fantastic Local Tour of Dublin
I was skeptical about peer to peer tours so I was so happy when I booked this and got to meet Garvan. Such a nice way to see Dublin!
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