East Meets West - Indian Food Tour w Food Lover
East Meets West - Indian Food Tour w Food Lover
East Meets West - Indian Food Tour w Food Lover
Shwetal S.

East Meets West - Indian Food Tour w Food Lover

Guided by Shwetal S.


Mango lassi

indian sweets

Indian Malabar filter coffee


Dosa- Lentil Crepe

Indian spices and vegetables

About this activity
Let me show you the unique blend of Eastern and Western hemisphere in the cuisine in London! Indian food is quite varied with so many regions to choose from, thus our trip will take you across India via a wonderful food journey in North West London.

We start at a local Indian super market, where you will get to see the everyday spices, lentils, flours and vegetables that amalgamate into the curry that was declared the national dish of Britain a few years ago!

We then go to an Indian sweet shop where the myriad colours and designs will take you to a land far far away. Experience with me the unique and exotic flavors of India while in London!
Languages the local speaks
No. of participants
1 - 20 People
The price includes
Mango Lassi Choice of snack at the snack bar Choice of Sweet at the sweet shop Choice of main course for Lunch
VB and sons Pooja Sweet Mart Bombay Spice Sarvana Bhavan
Meeting Point
Kingsbury Tube Station NW9 (Zone 4- Jubilee Line) 20 minutes from Baker Street
Shwetal S.

Shwetal S.

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I am a 24 year old girl who works in Big data and is very connected to the tech world and the startup scene in london, I love meeting new people as I think we can all learn a lot from each other

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