Kayak in Javea

Kayak in Javea

Guided by Fernando A.

About this activity
Enjoy with us a kayak tour!
We will sail through the sea starting from Cala de la Granadella and visit spectacular caves under the mountain. We can enjoy a swim, and take pleasure in the clear waters of a small creek, which is only accessible from the sea. In this cove we will dive under the island which is located in the center of it!
Languages the local speaks
Spanish, English
No. of participants
6 - 15 People
The price includes
All materials needed for the activity.
Ideal for...
Adventurers over 18 years.
The meeting point will be the Granadella beach. From la cala de la Granadella we will sail to reach a small and amazing cove with transparent water.
Meeting Point
Granadella beach, Javea

Fernando A.

  • 13 Activities
  • I speak Spanish, English

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