Medieval Wine
Medieval Wine
Medieval Wine

Medieval Wine

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About this activity
What if you were offered transladarte for a day at medieval world?
Feel emotions of another era, amid a spectacular landscape of vineyards.
We offer live a unique and fantastic adventure in a very relaxing way in the middle of nature, knowing the medieval customs.
You can walk to the back of a donkey grazing geese do travel a route by car, archery, make weapons and tools of the time, even contemplate and participate actively art of falconry.
And to regain strength taste the food and wine Guadiana.¡¡ Rivera Join the medieval wine !!
Languages the local speaks
Spanish, English, Portuguese
No. of participants
4 - 30 People
The price includes
Vivencia medieval, exposición de armas de la época, exhibición de cetrería, paseos en burro, pastoreo con ocas, degustación de los productos de la tierra , el vino. Guía acompañante, monitor, seguro RC.
1-Presentación 2-Vestirse de la época 3-Exhibicion de armas de la época 4 pastoreo con ocas por los alrededores 5 paseo en burro 6- tiro con arco 7 hora del yantar 8 cetreria 9 despedida
Meeting Point
Aceuchal(Badajoz) Instalaciones de Cabalburr, camino de las alberquitas

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