• amsterdam

    "Such a great way to connect with locals when travelling! So glad I found this!"

    Emma J.
Two wheeling, cafés by the canal or a trip to Vondelpark? Amsterdam’s got it. The feeling of gezellig (Dutch for super cozy, super nice) permeates the city and you notice that with its people. Relaxed, refined and full of delicious coffee is the way of life here. If you’re a curious type, the Rijksmuseum will give you all the need to know about the history and art of Amsterdam that you can handle (don’t forget the Van Gogh Museum, either). For a spot of late night culture and cocktails the Red Light District won’t disappoint for a carnal type of evening. The Heineken Experience will give you a first taste of how Amsterdam’s a leader in all things beer and for something more educational the Nemo Science Center makes the Dutch capital a contender in the world of science and technology (not to mention a great day out).. The abundance of cafés, the charming canals and the cobbled streets are enough to make anyone fall in love with Amsterdam. We dare you not to like it. So, hop on your bike! Our local tip: don't miss out on the floating Amsterdam Flower Market.
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