• berlin

    "Such a great way to connect with locals when travelling! So glad I found this!"

    Emma J.
Berlin, the city with many stories to tell. It's Germany's buzzing, gritty capital and full of defiant architecture from the looming Reichstag to the Gendarmenmarkt Square, which is home to historic cathedrals and one of the best German Christmas markets. The ever-changing capital means that things to do in Berlin are never far from reach. Whether it’s a day trip to Tierpark Zoo or a walk by the Berlin Wall, this bustling and full of life capital is giving a new name to the 24 hour city. Its party scene is world renowned with clubs and bars being European hotspots for any music lover. Berlin is also a place of beauty, forests, rivers and historical sites. Famed for its blossoming cultural scene and fresh food renaissance, any version of Berlin is one worth experiencing. Top tip: go through Brandenburg Gate straight to Tiergarten for a summer picnic.
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