Paris Belleville

Belleville: best activities and experiences

Belleville is a neighborhood in Paris whose name translated from the French means "beautiful city". Belleville used to be an independent commune which was annexed by Paris in 1860 and is situated around a hill close to the famous Pere Lachaise cemetery. It is considered as a cosmopolitan and multicultural neighborhood that in recent years has received a large number of immigrants from different countries, which have turned the neighborhood into an eclectic and multicultural space with a wide offer for all tastes. In Belleville, one of Paris Chinatowns (there are 2) is located, which has attracted a lot of members of the Chinese community. Chinese food lovers should stop by Belleville since it offers a lot of typical restaurants, cultural centers and stores where Chinese products can be found. Belleville Park is another attraction within the neighborhood, and is an ideal visit for those looking to get away from the touristic circuit and explore not-so-crowded-with-tourists areas in Paris. The park is located at the foot of a hill so it offers visitors a spectacular panoramic view of the city. The best way to get to Belleville is by subway, and metro stops are: Belleville, Jourdain and Pyrénées.
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