Paris Latin Quarter

Unique things to do with locals in the Latin Quarter in Paris

Latin Quarter
Latin Quarter is one of the most important areas in Paris, known for being the haunt of students, who create a very appealing and lively atmosphere there. All of it is surrounded by typical eateries meant for modest pockets, but with that traditional French gastronomical style that is so delicious and mouth-watering. Paris is said to be one of the most expensive cities on the planet. However, in Latin Quarter you will be able to enjoy shops, cafés and bars to the fullest without having to spend a lot and making your pocket suffer. The life in the area has that tradition thanks to the University of Paris, also known as Sorbonne, besides other significant academic buildings and institutions. Sorbonne was founded in 1150 and soon became one of the most important study centers of the continent. It was very common for students from all over Europe to come to the University for education. It used to be customary for most of them to communicate in Latin, since it was the predominant language and the place derives its name therefrom. If you seek dynamism, happiness and charm, you will like Latin Quarter a lot and it will be one of your best experiences in the French capital.
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