Paris Marais

Marais tours and activities in Paris with locals

Le Marais is one of the most charming districts of Paris and is located in the historical downtown of the city. Many years ago it used to be an uninteresting and very swampy area, since a marsh used to be there, from which it has derived its name. Today it is a very modern and innovative place, where fashion is not only a national but rather an international attraction. It all started with the construction of the Place des Vosges, the oldest in Paris, and the persuasion by the city council of Paris to attract the upper classes of the city to come and live there. Thus, mansions, palaces and priceless houses came up in Marais. One of the most famous houses that have survived since those times is the Musée Picasso. Over time the gay and Jewish communities in Paris have been settling in the district. It is a very pleasant and enjoyable area where time flies and is ideal for spending an evening shopping. However, remember that the bill may end up lightening your pockets.
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