Paris Montmartre - Sacré-Coeur

Unique things to do with locals around Montmartre and the Sacré-Coeur

Montmartre - Sacré-Coeur
Montmartre is one of the most special and well-known neighborhoods of Paris, located in the upper area of the city. This area is mainly known for being ideal for trade and leisure, apart from stunning you with its wonderful cafés and restaurants. Paris is said to be the City of Cafés, and this neighborhood surely is the perfect place to find it out. Montmartre also happens to be home to the renowned Moulin Rouge Cabaret. However, if something stands out among everything else in the neighborhood, it is a 130-meter high building that is also one of the most important monuments of the city and an emblem thereof: the Sacré Cœur Basilica. If you want to enjoy this experience to the fullest, you are advised to use the funicular to get to the top while enjoying all the charm and secrets it conceals in its streets and buildings. The Basilica is a stunning building with an amazing dome. From there you can take in one of the best views of Paris, which you can’t miss out on. Don’t forget to take your camera in order to immortalize that breathtaking sight, since the best part of it is that the entry is free of charge.
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