Paris Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge: unique experiences and activities

Moulin Rouge
The Moulin Rouge (Red Mill) is a cabaret located in the famous red light district of Pigalle right by Montmartre. It is a symbol of Paris Belle Epoque and one of the icons of the Parisian night and excesses. The Moulin Rouge was one of the first places to introduce the can-can dance into shows, and it was originally intended to be a seductive dance. Thanks to the Moulin, can-can later spread throughout Europe, marking the beginning of cabarets in the continent, that´s why the Moulin Rouge is known as the “father” of the cabarets. Moulin Rouge shows were inspired by circus and they were extravagant and splendorous, no one in city wanted to miss them so they became one of the main night events in Parisian social life. Today the Moulin Rouge is still working and has become a touristic place through the years. The cabaret offers visitors a dinner - show (Féerie premiered on 1999) where attendees can enjoy for two hours one of the most original shows in Europe, accompanied by French food, lots of wine, champagne and can-can. Tickets for Féerie are very exclusive and usually are sold out quickly, so if you want to enjoy this famous spectacle make sure to book in advance.
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