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Tour Eiffel
Over 7 million people visit this monument throughout the year, which makes it the most visited monument in the world. It is one of the most important symbols of the planet and the main attraction of Paris. Its origins date back to 1889 when it was built for the World’s Fair in Paris in adverse climatic conditions, which almost demolished it. It has luckily survived to date, thereby becoming the capital’s quintessential work. The Eiffel Tower consists of three levels and from the two highest levels one can have a look at one of the best views of the whole city, due to which it becomes imperative for you to take your camera and enjoy this unique experience. You can go up on foot or in a lift, though the former is quite an exhausting option due to the sheer number of steps. It illuminates at night, thereby creating a unique effect with the lights and its surroundings. A special and ideal time for you to come with your partner and get a feel of the romanticism it creates. There is a reason why Paris is known as the City of Love and that reason is the amazing scenes produced by the Tower.
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