We believe, wait, we are convinced, that a personal experience is much more enriching and provides more happiness that any material object. And, probably, few experiences contribute as much as one’s travels. But not traveling simply as another tourist, but really getting to know how that place really is, from inside, living the most authentic part. That is, a trip4real.

So in trip4real we work to offer the world unique and quality activities created by local experts so that the travelers can know and enjoy the most authentic part of a country as marvelous as Spain. Experiences, which in another way, they could never live because in tourist guides they simply do not appear. This way, we help create a community where travelers find not only more economic alternatives to the traditional touristic programs, but we also contribute towards creating micro-entrepreneurs that can make their passion their lifestyle.

And if with this we are capable of providing moments of happiness, either great or small, we give ourselves more than satisfied.

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