Only when you’re lucky enough to be around people who believe in your project as much as you do, even when it’s only an idea written on a paper, it’s possible to move forward with a project like trip4real. That is why we want to thank all those professionals that have collaborated with us since the beginning and have made possible that this big dream that was trip4real, is today a reality. And that’s because there are formulas that never fail:


Our partners:

Awards4real: an award for teamwork.

Every acknowledgement we receive is an extra motivation to continue working harder every day to make trip4real an even better place. And if today we are who we are, this is solely and exclusively due to the confidence, efforts and dedication from all the members of our community4real.

  • Nominated
  • Barcelona Turisme
  • Innovació y Tecnologia
  • Imagine Express
  • EAwards 2014
  • Ceta
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