Trip4real is born, as it could not be in another way, from a trip. A personal and professional trip that has taken to its founder, Gloria Molins, to live for 10 years in cities such as Madrid, Amsterdam, Sidney or Chicago, to know places as exotic as China, India, Africa, Latin America... and that finally now, has brought her back to her hometown, Barcelona.

The most authentic experiences are not in guides, but in people

Her traveler spirit (rather than tourist), her entrepreneurial character and her everlasting curiosity, have given her the impulse to live every type of unique experiences that have allowed her to know the most authentic part of every destination in which she has been; as living together for 3 days with a tamer of elephants in India taking care of animals, passing a week with an African tribe, or traveling with an expert diver for 4 days through the great coral barrier.

Experiences, many of which she would have never experienced if she hadn’t known somebody in that city, either because a friend had recommended it to her or, simply, by pure chance. Because the real experiences, the more authentic ones, are those that create a memorable moment in the trip, are not usually in the guides, but are in the people of that place. While in Sidney and prior to her last trip before returning to Barcelona, she saw it clearly.

If the most genuine thing of every place is in the people who live there, and there is a type of tourism that what is really looking for is to really get to know that place, its people, its traditions, its food... Why don’t we connect them?

The solution was clear. A social web had to be created in which the locals could offer experiences created for the travelers who wanted to know the real place by themselves. It was also very clear where this project was going to be initiated, and it could not be another place than Spain, and more precisely in Barcelona. So now, only a thing was missing, undoubtedly the most thrilling: starting it up.

The truth is that the first steps summarize very well the spirit of trip4real since, the initial management to formalize the project was carried out during the thrilling trip that she shared with Alberto as backpackers around Cambodia, India, Thailand and Indonesia, where she hardly found places with coverage and had to serve of the help of the nice people of the different villages that they found.

A project of which, especially, aims for a thing: that all those that are part of it - team, travelers and locals- enjoy themselves as they’ve never had before

Finally, when she arrived to Barcelona and after winning a prize as the best startup, she partnered with 5 others who shared a passion for travelling and experts in different matters (marketing, new technologies, innovation, tourism...) to create the founding team.

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