• I'm taking back with me, in my suitcase, an unforgettable experience and new friends. Javier and his friends really made us feel like true "Madrileños"

    Chantal, Montreal
  • Going on a trip with the kids, and being able to enjoy such fun and diverse family activities is priceless

    Susan, Boston
  • My friends and I were looking for something cheap and different to do in Barcelona; and on trip4real, we found so many different activities that we lacked the time to do all the ones we wanted to

    Camille, Montpellier
  • Discovering a city through the eyes of a local is priceless. Thanks to my experience with Carlos, I was able to live the authentic Sevillan life with its people

    Tobing, London
  • Thanks to trip4real I could gather the architecture and cuisine in an activity that allows me to meet people from around the world and share with them my passions

    Luis, architect
  • See the happy faces and how grateful we are having a pleasant time together sharing the stoves, is the greatest satisfaction I can take.

    Ariadna, cook
  • I love to teach people as authentic and genuine in my city and you have a memorable party of your stay

    Claudia, guide
  • In addition to an unforgettable experience with travelers and to practice my English, each month I earn extra money that allows me to pay my bills or give me some quirk

    Nuria, photographer
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